Our Company

Dr. John Fisher
Our company was founded by John Fisher MD, an interventional radiologist with extensive experience in breast imaging and breast biopsy. He has performed over 500 stereotactic and ultrasound guided breast biopsies, and breast biopsy site marker placements. His experience, combined with his ground-breaking ideas, has brought innovative products to the world of medicine. Dr. Fisher was an early adopter of the vacuum assisted breast biopsy and was selected as an instructor to work alongside Steve Parker MD, a pioneer for developing and promoting vacuum assisted breast biopsy procedures. Dr. Fisher instructed courses at RSNA on how to perform vacuum assisted stereotactic guided Mammotome breast biopsy procedures.

The HydroMARK was developed by Dr. Fisher and his team to meet an unmet clinical need. The HydroMARK is a novel, water containing, ultrasound visible marker. This new product has helped his patients by replacing lengthy mammogram guided wire localization procedures with quick, accurate ultrasound guided localization procedures that are more comfortable. Biopsy Sciences has also developed the BioSEAL biopsy tract sealant which significantly reduces the incidence of pneumothorax and chest tube placement following CT guided lung biopsy. The BioSEAL was acquired by Angiotech Pharmaceuticals in 2008.